Aasta & John, Comrie Croft

January 18, 2019

Aasta & John, Comrie Croft

It was really important for my partner and I to work with a catering company that could advice us and provide valuable input for our wedding. We did not have set ideas for what the wedding was going to be like and we really needed someone experienced to guide us as to how the day would run smoothly!

Bespoke catered up a delicious feast I will dream of in years to come, the staff was incredibly friendly, forthcoming and professional and the communications we had leading up to the wedding enabled my partner and I to have a seamless, relaxed and incredibly enjoyable wedding.

We cannot recommend Bespoke enough, I sincerely hope events and weddings we will be going to in the future will be catered by Bespoke as the name has become a synonymous with quality for me!

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