It’s Nice to be Nice!

January 23, 2020

It’s Nice to be Nice!

A question that we are frequently asked by our bridal couples is ‘do we need to feed our suppliers?’ It is something that we have seen many arguments for and against, so as a caterer here is our five pence worth on the topic:

As suppliers ourselves we know what an intense day it is working at a wedding. It’s usually full on, non stop from the moment you arrive until the moment you’re home at the end of the night (our longest door to door wedding has been 22 hours!) and unloading your kit. In fact, the build-up usually starts at least 24 hours ahead of the wedding as you prep, pack, read through paperwork and deal with any last-minute requests that may arise. Weddings are both physically and mentally exhausting for every supplier involved.

On the day itself, you may get a chance to sit down and take a break, but your mind is often still working at 100mph, you’re planning several steps ahead and anticipating what will come next. This is why we firmly believe that feeding your suppliers is an absolute must!

At Bespoke we won’t charge you for feeding your suppliers, Kelly and her team take real pride in making sure that they are looked after and well-fed with not a dry sandwich, leftover or scrapping’s from a guest’s plate (yes we have heard the horror stories) insight. We like to think of it as good wedding karma and have made some amazing industry friends on the back of being kind and in turn, these industry friends have then shown us tremendous kindness and patience when on occasion things back of house may not be going to plan.

We will always try and make your supplier squad feel welcome because as far as we are concerned we are one big team on the day and we are all there to make sure the couple have the most magical of days possible.

Fellow supplier, you rock and we have your back (and your tummies covered!) and we cannot thank you enough for having ours when we need it! As they say team work makes the dream work!