Daniela Flores on Bespoke Catering

March 7, 2019

Daniela Flores on Bespoke Catering

To celebrate our 5th birthday we asked photographer Daniela Flores http://www.danielafloresphotography.com to put together a blog post for us. Daniela has worked with Bespoke from the very beginning and has taken many of our event and food images used on our new site.

Let me tell you a story…

This is the story of Bespoke Catering & Events, one of the leading weddings & events caterers is Scotland. Founded by Chris & Kelly Naylor in 2014 – who through their hard work and determination have created a sensational award-winning business – in recent years, Bespoke has exceeded all expectations…and this is their story.

When I first met this incredible duo, they had a dream and a real passion for what they believed in. Fast-forward 5 years, having won many awards in the wedding industry including Judges Choice for Outstanding Achievements and Best Wedding Caterer 2018 at the Vows they are still as humble as ever and still with that same fire, determination and passion in their eyes.

From their very first year in business with only a few weddings and events under their belts to reaching 89 weddings in 2018 and their diary almost full for 2019, they have come a long way bringing in a team of talented chefs & wedding coordinators to enhance their business and their clients’ experience.

No matter how big or small the event is, the team puts in 100%, from the smallest of details, to creating a top-class tasty menu to satisfy each clients’ taste and uniqueness, to making sure the day runs smoothly. They are present every step of the way, and I am proud to be part of such an incredible team.

There have been so many highlights throughout this incredible 5-year journey. Looking through our photo-gallery still can’t believe how many extraordinary memories we have made. Personally, the Macallan’s event in June 2018 was one I will never forget. On the day – guests & staff alike – entered a magical world. I have never smiled so much while working! It was a photographer’s paradise. Everything was executed to perfection, from the venue to the food to the atmosphere throughout the day…one word…UNFORGETTABLE!

When you choose Bespoke Catering & Events one absolute certainty is the fact that you will eat…and you will eat a lot! Many of our guests have remarked how much good food we serve! The chefs absolutely know how to create a nice tasty meal that will have the fussiest of eaters enjoy the food. Here’s some of the best dishes that our lovely brides, grooms & wedding guests have had the pleasure to indulge in…

…and let’s not forget the perfect meal’s perfect ending…this is definitely my favourite course of the day (warning…you might want to view what’s coming next on a full stomach!)

What makes Bespoke Catering & Events so incredibly good at what they do is the fact that they understand trends and they understand that every customer is unique. Bespoke knows how to throw a spread…I can still smell those tacos…

…and let’s not forget their signature canapes

Is your mouth salivating yet!? Mine sure is!!! The food is extraordinary…and who is to say you can’t have extraordinary food that you actually enjoy on you wedding day!? Being Italian, food is one of the major factors that bring people together. Bespoke’s food has that effect on people… it’s super delicious, makes you happy and brings family & friends together.

So far, I have showcased the amazing food that makes Bespoke one of the best catering companies in the UK. But let’s not forget the team that actually makes each wedding venue come alive. Kelly, Susannah and the rest of the management team (or as I like to call them the A-Team) sure know how to set up a room in style. They have dressed more than 300 venues between them, making each room reflect the taste and individuality of to each of their couples. Here’s some of the best moments: