Canapé List

Fish Options

Salmon Rillettes
Lemon Zest, Soft Herbs, Apple & Beetroot Chutney. Served Cold

Seared Tuna Yakatura
Fresh Wasabi & Soy Sauce Bubbles. Served Cold

Red Mullet Escabeche
Filleted Mullet Cooked in Spices, Herbs, Vinegar & Sugar. Served Cold

Tuna & Swordfish Sushi Nigiri
Slices of Raw Fish, Micro Salad & a Sharp Lemon Dressing on Sushi Rice. Served Cold

Smokehouse Salmon Bellini
Buckwheat Bellini, Horseradish, Lemon & Dill Sour Cream & Pickled Cucumber Salad. Served Cold

Chilli & Lime Crab Cake
Crab, Red Chilli, Lime & Coriander with Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce. Served Hot

Beer Battered Fish & Chip
Fresh Cod with Tartar Sauce & Pea Puree. Served Hot

Deviled White Bait
Paprika Dusted with Garlic Mayonnaise. Served Hot

Skewered King Prawn Pil Pil
Marinated in Lemongrass, Ginger, Chilli & Garlic. Served Hot

Roasted Sea Bream with Tomato & Olive Salad
Crispy Skin, Olive Oil Poached Tomatoes, Olive Powder. Served Hot

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Croque Monsieur
Pan Fried Toasted Sandwich Topped with Caviar. Served Hot

Selection of Sushi Rolls & Nigiri
Freshest Slices of Raw Fish Served with Traditional Accompaniments. Served Cold

Classic Prawn Cocktail
Bloody Mary Mayonnaise, Tomato Salsa & Cos Lettuce. Served Cold


Southern Fried Pheasant
Smokey BBQ Sauce. Served Hot

Chicken Caesar Salad
Lettuce, Parmesan, Crispy Pancetta & Coggled Egg Dressing. Served Cold

Home Smoked Duck Salad
Spring Onion, Radish Salad, Sweet & Sour Plum Dressing. Served Cold

Salt and Szechwan Pepper Chicken Wings
Crispy Coating of Chinese Pepper. Served Hot

Duck Spring Rolls
Shredded Duck, Ginger, Chinese Cabbage & Nam Jim Dipping Sauce. Served Hot

Vietnamese Chicken Wings
Sticky Soy, Caramel & Chilli Glaze. Served Hot

Meat Options

Thai Beef Salad
Raw Vegetable Salad, Thai Basil, Coriander, Mint & Chopped Peanut. Served Cold

Smokehouse Ham
Poached Tomatoes, Piquillo Pepper, Rocket & Black Olive .Served Cold

Crispy Haggis Bon Bon
Homemade Ketchup

Black Pudding Scotch Egg
Homemade Fruity Black Pudding Soft Poached Quails Egg. Served Hot

Lamb Kofta
Mint, Lime & Cucumber Raita. Served Hot

Cold Smoked Wild Venison
Celeriac Remoulade, Pumpernickel Crostini. Served Cold

Carpaccio of Beef
Parmesan Shavings,Quince, Watercress & Truffle. Served Cold

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
12 Hour Pit Smoked Ribs, Bourbon Glaze. Served Hot

Confit Chorizo
Tomato Ragu, Blackpudding Crumb. Served Hot

Ham Hock & Chicken Ballontine
Parsley, Pineapple Chutney

Vegetarian Options

Light Fresh Cheese, Paprika Wafer & Olive Salad. Served Cold

Persevered Lemon & Feta Salad
Lemon, Orange, Garlic & Oregano Marinated Greek Feta. Served Cold

Roasted Pepper & Aubergine Caponata
Red Peppers, Garlic, Fried Aubergine, Capers, Vinegar & Sugar. Served Cold & Vegan

Blue Murder Cheese Beignet
Candid Walnut & Apple Salad. Served Hot

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll
Raw Vegetables, Fresh Mint Salad & Light Soy Dipping Sauce. Served Cold & Vegan

Goat’s Cheese & Pickled Beetroot Salad
Crushed Pistachio & Pomegranate. Served Cold

Crispy Polenta
Taleggio Cheese, Truffle Honey. Served Hot

Wild Mushrooms Pate
Chive Mascarpone, Chargrilled Focaccia Bread. Served Cold

Risotto Ball Deep Fried, Saffron & Mozzarella. Served Hot

Chilli & Salt Popcorn
Served Cold & Vegan

Parmasan & Sunflower Seed Lollypop
Served Cold

Sweet Options

Lime Curd Tart

Blood Orange Crème Brulee

Stem Ginger Pannacotta, Exotic Fruits

Caramelised Banana Parfait

Chocolate & Pistachio Pave

Rhubarb & Custard Shots

Pimms Jelly & Ice Cream

Waffles with a Blueberry Compote

Mini Ice Cream Cone, Sprinkles & Flake

“The Bontanist” Islay Gin & Tonic Sorbet

Lemon Meringue Pie

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