Amy & Oliver

Amy & Oliver

22nd August 2015

Mount Stuart

Photography By: Sarah Ann Wright Photography

“Creative, considerate, unique, polite, hardworking, relaxed, charming team with a downright talented chef and considerate duo at its heart…What an absolute gem of a company Bespoke are.

We still look back in amaze and wonder and thanks at everything Bespoke did for us, which was over and beyond what we could have expected.

From the moment we saw Bespokes website we knew we had found a special company who stood out to us. We didn’t allow ourselves to get too excited until we talked with Chris to see if our ideas were even possible or within budget. Chris travelled all the way to the Isle of Bute to meet with us and did not disappoint! My partner, myself and my mum were amazed with how much he seemed to get what it was we wanted to do…and then some.

We wanted the meal to basically be an extension of how we love to eat and socialise, as a couple, with our family and with our friends. As a couple when we first started dating we’d spend hours outdoors, walking, filming, surfing, fishing and then we’d drink a lot of gin, cook mainly fish and veg, dance and then throw some paint and ideas around..this is pretty much how it still goes! With our families both of our mums would make dinner into a bit of a spectacle, lots of sharing plates, beautifully presented like a mini banquet. Finally, with our close friends Matt and Becca, we have had so many fun times on the coast cooking with wild ingredients, spruced up a notch with shellfish prepared by the duo. So we wanted the meal to be a sort of a celebration of all all of these times. Chris got the concept of the rustic, relaxed fish and veg bbq but with a unique, intimate, banquet feel immediately and had tons of suggestions.

The Earth, Fire and Sea menus Chris constructed were spot on and even matched our ceremony setting (on top a floor representing the elements). The next few weeks we had casual back and forth emails and it was such a pleasure to know that we didn’t have to worry about the catering side of things as the team had it all completely under control. Chris and kelly also offered help with sourcing anything else we needed.

Towards the lead up of the wedding we changed our minds on a few things and getting rather too excited we requested things like champagne coupe shaped glasses, each with a sprig of fresh lavender pierced with a blueberry on top be served with the fiz after our ceremony. As last minute and crazed as this was, the team said this was easy to do. They sourced the exact glasses we wanted and all the lavender and blueberries and it was such a joy to be handed the beautifully presented glass and see all our of guests enjoying something so personal and pretty to us.

After the ceremony some of their team served up the drinks along with tasty, delicate, floral canapés, whilst the other half prepared in my parents meadow down the road.

Oliver and I were a little held back at Mount Stuart and we were worried that our guests would be hungry or bored waiting. I had also ran out of time with finishing touches in our marque so we were over the moon when we arrived to see all our guests casually drinking cocktails and happily grazing on the Antipasti’s on our tables, which the team had decorated with edible flowers and wild veg table runners. Absolutely perfect and such a lovely surprise!

We mingled with our guests as everyone took a seat as the polite and friendly staff brought more food out to the tables.

Chris had a huge bbq by the side of the tent and the doors were open so our guests could see chris cooking away. Instead of having one huge buffet table the bespoke team delivered the sharing plates to each table and each and every dish tasted as beautiful as they looked. This included: hay baked bbq fish, lemon and chillie crab claws served in coconut shells, monkfish cheeks, nasturtium melon and mint salad, and much more. The timing at which each dish came out was perfect and it created the exact vibe we were after.. and after an emotional ceremony it felt like a relaxed, intimate feast!

We honestly couldn’t thank the team enough, from start to finish they went over and beyond and the food and atmosphere they created was spot on.

We had the most beautiful and fun day of our life and we feel so utterly lucky that we were not only marrying each other but that we were surrounded with such awesome and incredible beings to celebrate with us and make the day what it was; from our guests to every person who played a part, including Bespoke. We are thrilled we had them on board and we would love love love to experience dining with them again!”